Problem with corpses/combine mech

Hi, having a problem with my corpses and combine mech addon

Every time i kill a corpse they fly away like normal (if i was using a heavy gun) but as soon as they die they fade away. like go invisible. like in halo when you pick up active camo :stuck_out_tongue:

I have corpses turned on…i ahve no idea why this is happening. i cant think of any performance option ive turned on or off that would cause this…i just straight up re installed gmod and had this…

Also with the combine mech addon, every time i spawn it out of my entities list. it sits there for half a sec, and then cloaks out. like the corpses. but it actually deletes out. i can press Z and it wont remove it. like it got despawned.

I would really appreciate help with this :smiley: such a great game…

also on a side note if you know the list of required things to play spacebuild game mode (including the mode) could you please postem?

i cant find the right resource distribution. game mode. maps…

For the corpse, did happen to download Modern Warfare 2 killstreaks? I’m pretty sure the nuke makes them fade away. As for the combine mech, I’ve never used so I can’t help with that. And for spacebuild, I would recommend: Wire, PHX, SBEP, RD3, LS3, and CAF.

No but i did download nuke pack 4

but what is SBEP…and CAF?


Okay…ive fixed the corpse problem. but the stupid mech keeps dissapearing each time i spawn it. help plz?

Bump.Epic mode needs epic help

Do you have keep corpses checked?

Having keep corpses checked was making my corpses dissipear. i solved that by just un checking it. however this dousnt fix my mech :frowning:

Well its probably because of the gun.Some addons (like Gcombat) make props or corpses disapear once hit.

Do you happen to have the GDCW Weapons?

GDCW has the ragdoll deleting addon if i remember right.

Can you please take a screenshot or make a list of all the shit in garrysmod/garrysmod/addons?