Problem with creating a server

Hello Facepunch, I’ve been trying to host a Garrysmod server using Create Game. Whenever I start it and tell people to join they can’t. I don’t see why though because I port forwarded “27015” to TCP and UDP. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Are you giving them your external IP?

This can be found at

Try putting your PC in a DMZ, if that doesnt work it isn’t a port forwarding issue, and something on your PC itself.

Okay, they can join through the server browser but not through my name or Ip.

I hope they don’t forget the :porthere ?

that shouldnt matter unless he has more than 1 game server running from the IP address, should it?

OP, make sure your giving them your external IP and have port 4380, and 27000-27050 open.

That is because steam shows what server you are connected to, and when you connect to a server within your LAN, you are connected to the LAN IP which is shown by Steam.

Only port 27015 should be enough. 4380 is for Steam client.