Problem with Crowbar compiler

I decompiled m_anm.mdl with crowbar, made some modifications and then tried to recompile it but keep getting this message:

 ERROR: c:\users\myname\desktop\bbbbbb - copia\decompiled 0.38\m_anm.qc(15080): - Load_Source( m_anm_anims\zombie_attack_01_base_layer.smd ) - overflowed g_numsources.ERROR: Aborted Processing on 'm_anm.mdl'

I know that it means it’s too many animations to compile, but looking at models with modified m_anm animations, like those of CaptainBigButt, he was able to compile it somehow, but when I tried to decompile one of his mdl and recompile it, same message appeared and I was unable to recompile it.
How did he compile it in the first place? It’s been about 2 weeks since the problem first started and I’ve reached a wall, I tried everything, help a brother out.

You can get the animation source files here

What am I supposed to do with these? I see the qc is CONSIDERABLY shorter, but some animations seem missing, if I include it in the qc, will it work in gmod?

EDIT: These are completely unusable, they look more like examples, and after some research I am pretty sure they are, what’s that supposed to mean? I don’t think that’s what I need.

oops I guess those aren’t

Here’s the full source files I have.

Sorry if I seems rude but, what am I supposed to do with these? These are not like anything I’ve ever seen, I need to modify some animation (the crouch idle of all weapons and the sitting of all weapons) then recompile the animations to use in a playermodel.

Oh boy, you’re going to have fun with that.

Anyways, QCi files are basically just qc files, so edit them the same way.

Anyways, go to gm_anims.qci

The stuff you’re going to want to edit is this.

Basically, make a copy of these animations here and edit them. Then reference the them in the animation thing above.

Each Animation is 10 frames.

Each frame represents an aim direction. DR, DC, DL, CR, CC, CL, UR, UC, UL

Adjust as needed (they might be standing but that’s okay it’ll be crouching when compiled)

I cannot believe it, an actual answer! You’re doing god’s work, I’ll try that and see if it compiles.