Problem with custom media queuing, PlayX not answering video length

Hello, first post here.

Code in question:

This is a modified version of the PlayX media query script off of GitHub.
The idea is to queue media with !q <search or url> or /q <search or url>.
Everything works lovely except the code commented “BUG”:

local function PlayNextInQueue(ply)
    if #MediaQueue > 0 then  --sanity check
        Play(ply, "", MediaQueue[1], false)  --Let PlayX autodetect the provider, just use a URL
        is_still_playing = true
        table.remove(MediaQueue, 1)          --Remove the playing media from queue

        ---BUG: The below will always get nil since we have to wait for PlayX to load the media :c
        if PlayX.CurrentMedia["Length"] then
            timer.Simple(PlayX.CurrentMedia["Length"], PlayNextInQueue(ply))
        PlayX.CloseMedia()  --We've reached the end of the queue
        is_still_playing = false

The problem:
Ideally, a timer is set to automatically play the next media item in the queue when the current media is finished.
After testing I’ve found that PlayX.CurrentMedia[“Length”] is nil until PlayX actually loads the media, which causes the timer to never begin, which results in my needing to skip a video that’s ended using my “/skip” chat command.
I would utilize a hook to wait to check the Length key but I can’t find information on any potential PlayX-specific hooks to use.

Additional information:
I’m using the PlayX addon from the Workshop and it is “up to date”.
I realize this script uses the now “old” PlayX API.
This is a script autorun on server, and I use it in the singleplayer mode (alone or with other users).

Help! ;~;

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If only this would work…

timer.Simple(3, function() timer.Simple(PlayX.CurrentMedia["Length"]-3, PlayNextInQueue(ply)) end)

…it would be perfect, but, since this line of code would be inside the PlayNextInQueue() function, it errors.
I literally need it to wait for a few seconds before grabbing the Length.

Nae Gevurah<sv_queuecommand.lua>:114: bad argument #2 to 'Simple' (function expected, got no value)
  1. Simple - [C]:-1
   2. unknown - Nae Gevurah<sv_queuecommand.lua>:114


Fixed. I had to make the timer wait 3 seconds, set a global variable, then use a Tick hook to call PlayNextInQueue(). Wow that took a long time ^_^;