Problem with Custom models in Gmod

Hi all.

Im nearing the completion of an RP map i am working on, and somone very kind who i know made some custom street signs for me to use in my map.

When i run it in EP2 with these models on the map they are fine. However, when i run the map in Garrysmod the model appears to have a shiny missing texture overlay on the metal pole which the sign sits on.

I double checked all materials to make sure they were there and they were, so i opened up the VMT and looked at it. Here is an example of one of the VMTs :

	"$basetexture" "splayn/Signs/Main-oldpostrd"
	"$envmap" "env_cubemap"
	 $envmapmask  "splayn/Signs/ENV"

At the time i thought it had to do with the cubemap, so i put one beside each of the signs, but it still didnt help. Can anyone help me?

Built the cubemaps after placement?

Yep, Still nothing.

Ive tried removing all that envmap stuff from the vmt too, but all that did was make the entire metal pole completely Black and purple.

I am using pakrat to put these custom files in the bsp, could that be it? i know it has somethign to do with that env stuff in the VMT because the same person made some other custom models that dont have that and they work fine in game