Problem With Custom Team Creation

I use this funtion

function TeamCreationCon( ply, command, arguments )
	local id, name, color  = ply:UniqueID(), unpack(arguments)
	print(id, name, color)
	team.SetUp(id, name, color)
	ply:SetTeam( id )
concommand.Add( "guild_teamcreate", TeamCreationCon )

print in console

313121657	chillaz	Color(255,255,255,255)

file path with function


When i check the team name with this code

function TeamCreationCon1( ply, command)
local id = ply:Team()
print( team.GetName( id ) )
concommand.Add( "guild_teamcheck", TeamCreationCon1 )

I get no team name
Help Pls