problem with dark rp

hi i have the latest version of dark rp and of the adv dupe
and i have a problem if i spawn sth with the adv dupe only the wire things fall down and no props are there the console says sth l

AdvDupeERROR: Problem with = Weld Constraint. Could not find Ent:344

its only when i play dark rp

can some one helpme

and sorry for my bad english

Easiest solution:

Play game modes other than DarkRP (to phrase it differently, Don’t play DarkRP)

but i want play dark rp

Either invalid dupe or old Adv Duplicator. One of them needs to be fixed, now go and find out which.

can you send me pls the right version of wire adv dupe and dark rp

Just get the SVN versions, they’re the newest ones.

I don’t think he knows how to use SVN

i dont know how to use svn? and post pls the newest

It’s against Wire’s rules to reupload the SVN version, even though people still do.

pls post the links for the newest versions of dark rp wire and the adv dupe

You are repeating yourself. Find the DarkRP topic in the gamemode releases -forum and grab the link from there. Seriously, if you can’t use SVN, then don’t use DarkRP or Adv Dupe.


And there are multiple tutorials on this, anyway.

i have downloaded all with svn but i dont want work how to turn of the spawn protection?

Go ask in the DarkRP thread, they’ll know.