Problem with DarkRP 2.4.2

Hi I have a problem with DarkRP when i spawn a weapon it floats in the air please help me!

You need CSS content :slight_smile:

I have CSS how do I install it on my server?


If you host it yourself, download CSS and move the cstrike folder into the orangebox folder.

If a company is hosting the server for you, then you should be able to install it through the mod manager, or you might have to make a ticket for it.

Do i take the CSS folder from Steam apps My name counterstrike source?

Do you host it yourself?

open the CSS gcf, ond extract all the contents in a cstrike folder, that has been placed inside the orangebox folder.


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Ok it does not ask for CSS anymore but the guns are still floating :frowning:

if the guns are floating, that means, that the content is still missing on the server.

you have defined the CSS content in the Content.txt file, but the content (materials/models/sounds) isn’t installed on the server.

so when you spawn a gun, you see the gun just fine, because you have the css content installed on your client, but the server only can see it as an error.

The guns float in mid air, because the .phy (physics) files are missing on the server.

So what do I need to do?

the css content is located under “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps”

you need to open a counter-strike.gcf (can’t check how its called) with GCFScape

then extract the content to your server folder.

your folder structure should then look like this:

<server dir>/orangebox/cstrike/<content like materials/maps/models>

Which one? counter-strike source binaries,counter-strike source client or counter-strike source shared?

The entire cstrike folder is what you want.

It doesn`t work.

ich habe ein problem kann einer mir bitte darkrp 2.4.2 erstellen da alles drin was mann dafür braucht und fehler raus macht und waffen für dem mod CSS Realistic Weapons 4.0

Du wollst die Waffen zu schaffen für CSS Realistic Weapons 4.0?

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All good guys, I speak crappy german :v:

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