problem with ddosing players


it has happened to me and to one other friend. We got ddosed by some players that we talked over voice chat!

This is a problem. Friend has shared internet and they all lost the internet connection for a few hours…

Has anything like that happened to someone else too?

Routing voice chat through the server is the only way to protect users from this I’m afraid and that will cause slow downs.

hang on, forgive my ignorance but are you telling me that if I speak to someone in game (not TS or skype or anything) they can DDOS my personal internet?!?!

No. A common “trick” (calling it that is giving way too much credit to the attackers) is to get players onto a Skype / TS / etc voice server where one of the attackers can see your personal IP. Then they launch an attack. Just like everything else, only use voice chat servers that you trust.

If you’ve had your WAN IP address for more than 2-3 weeks (less time in densely-populated areas, more time in less-populated areas), it’s easy to get a new one. Depending on your ISP you might be able to just unplug (power) your router for at least ten minutes. Alternatively, you may need to go into your modem, locate your WAN interface, and find a “release” button. Release your IP, wait as long as possible, and then renew it. If all that fails, call your ISP and ask to be moved to a different subnet due to DOS attacks.

cheers man, thats uber helpful!

I don’t believe this is true in terms of Rust. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Rust uses Steam’s voice call tech for its voice chat, which is P2P based. I’m pretty sure you can sniff the IP of people who are talking in-game.

At least I have seen a few occasions of random players seemingly without any history threatening to DDOS attack another player, then said player disappearing and coming back later complaining. Whether or not this was a different method or he managed to get it though the game I don’t know.

If you want to minimize your chances of people getting your IP:

  • Don’t have a similar Skype username that links back to any of your known users, if you use it. If just signed in to Skype someone can get your IP just knowing your username.
  • Don’t join random/untrusted voice servers, admins can see your IP.
  • Don’t accept friend invites or Steam calls from random people.