Problem with decompiling L4D2 models.

I’ve been trying to decompile a few models that were ported into to L4D2 for some time now, but everything I’ve looked up so far for retaining the model after decompiling it seems to fail. Quite frankly, I’m at wit’s end with trying to figure this out. Do any of you know a successful way to decompile them? Or am I just wasting my time with the tutorials I’ve found so far?

What version of MDL Decompliter do you use? Did you changed IDST0 or IDST1 to IDST, in the beggining of the MDL File with Notepad++? Are you using Good SDM Importer? Did you copied VTX file 3 times and rename the copies to .sw.vtx ,.dx90.vtx and .dx80.vtx?

I’m using Hooch’s fixed version of Cannonfodder’s MDLDecompiler, I upgraded to that after getting tired of using Notepad++ almost all the time before decompiling anything.

As for the .VTX files, it isn’t missing any of the ones you mentioned. However, it still fails to grab the model itself. I’m not too sure what the issue is.

Use the Version 0.4 of Cannonfodder’s MDLDecompliter

sniff sniff I smell bullshit

I never seen Source 2010(L4D2) - 2011 (Portal 2, Alien Swarm) models with sw.vtx or dx80.vtx. Most of the time dx90.vtx is missing too.

You can say it’s bullshit, but the three files you mentioned are included in this.

Well sure they are in custom files! I was speaking about Original Valve models.

Well, I’m not trying to decompile the default models. I already know how to decompile those, but I always seem to come across some sort of problem with the custom models.

What’s the issue you’re having? If it’s invisible SMDs after decompile, then you’ve reached the same dead end I have.

That would be the exact same issue I am having right now. I’ve been having that problem with custom skins like the one I linked above for a while now, and I still have no clue how to fix it.

I probably shouldn’t be bumping this, but I’m still having issues trying to decompile custom L4D2 models.

Follow this!

I followed everything exactly as stated. Unfortunately, the .SMD STILL didn’t retain the model.