Problem with door. Can you help me out?

Hi. I have a problem with Door Stool. When I’m trying to spawn door near walls, trees, any surfaces, etc. door doesn’t working. I can open it, but can’t close. I tried using ‘No Collide’ on all objects around the door, but it didn’t help. I can spawn working door but there must be a big hole between door and wall. I don’t like this hole!

**Uploaded 1582 days ago

It’s quite an old addon, and with the recent update it could have been broken. Do you have any errors?

Sorry for late answer, but no. I don’t have any errors.

Try to install WireMod with DoorStool, may fix this problem. I am not officially sure on this though.

Doors always act like this in source. If they have frozen props near them, they will not close.

Ok, What I must to do, to build a normal door? It’s possible to do this using Gmod tools? I know an Axis Tool but it sucks. Door can be opened in two sides, and only by pushing. It’s not good.