Problem with downloaded maps

Almost everytime I download a new map for Gmod (Usually only town and roleplay maps) My sky is drunk like hell, I see big red ERRORS and purple-black surfaces.
Obviously I need to download something but the maps come in .bsp files so i put them in gmod/gmod/maps and there are no more files attached…
Why is that happening? how can I fix that?

Do you have counter-strike source?

Buy CS:S. If you have it already, check if it’s mounted. If it is, start CS:S, join a random server, then quit and start gmod. Post results.

Do you have the games required for the maps? Check the maps’ descriptions. I really recommend you buy The Orange Box or at least Counter-Strike: Source.

I don’t have CSS. It costs 20$… pretty much
Is there a way to download the CSS content in a piracy way?

(User was permabanned for this post ("Suggesting Warez" - Asaratha))

(User was banned for this post ("Requesting Warez" - Asaratha))

Probably, but you won’t get support on that here.

it isn’t thaaaaat much.

  • there’s zombie escape/mod servers on css, which are fun like heeeeull!