Problem with Evocity

Alright… anyone know what I can do with evocity_v33x?

I love the map, but the barking dog loop is driving me insane. Once you leave town the background track of the dog glitches and loops over and over. It happens for everyone that joins the server. It’s in sandbox mode and it’s just a server I use for map testing right now so it has barely anything loaded on it.

I’m told awhile back there was a GMOD update that broke the background tracks and there’s really nothing anyone can do about it.

Stopsound just interrupts the dog and the loop beings right afterwards. I’m not setting the server to sv_cheats 1 so I can use some of the other options though. There is one that stops it completely, but once you hit the trigger point it starts again. I think that was stopallsounds or something of that nature.

Or… is it just me and a few other people with this issue? It doesn’t do it in single player… you can hear birds chirping and what-not. A listen server, same thing… no problems. Load it up on the remote server and the dog goes wild.

Is there a .vmt out there that I can use to Hammer it out without destroying the textures?

Seems to be many solutions if you use the search.

Well… now I feel dumb.

I did do searches, but not on here. LoL.

On an even more embarassing note: Updating the server fixed the issue. I’d like to blame my server provider since I just opened it about a week ago, but uhh… Yeah.

Anyway… thanks!

Just to validate: Updating the server DID fix the problems with the soundscapes.

Yes… I missed that… heh.