Problem with exporting rigged models

I just encountered a very annoying problem when exporting my rigged ironman 3d-model. I read mariokart64n’s tutorial right before and this is my first time exporting, so I’m pretty sure I’m just doing something wrong. This is my rigged model:
Seems everything fine to me. wasted 4 hours on rigging. Secondly, I export my model:
No errors, it says “writing meshes” whatsoever. As a last test I import my smd in max and get this shite:
What the hell am I doing wrong? ;_;

It’s simply missing the meshes. Thats about it. Reference smd’s are supposed to deliver a model within the bones, but mine doesen’t, thats the point. Hopefully that will make things simplier to understand.
I still don’t know what to do, so just post something useful pleeze, I’m really annoyed not having a working ragdoll.

If that is 3Dsmax 9, then im sorry to say, that it simply does not work. Try doing like me, use the more Reliable version - Max 8.

I’m using 2010 :frowning:
But I actually don’t think it has to do with max. SMD Ex- and Importer does work with this version.
I tried it using some other already rigged 3d models and it works. I have to have done something wrong at my model. I just need an answer :S