Problem with extracting a model from a Killing Floor mod.

Hey there folks.

As the title implies, I’m having a bit of trouble extracting a model from a specific mod for Killing Floor. What I’m wanting to do is extract the view model from this mod, but I’ve run into some trouble in doing so. While I am able to extract a majority of the files from the mod, I can’t seem to extract the view model from this mod whatsoever; according to UModel when I run the -extract -all commands on the .ukx file (both before and after changing the extension to .PSK), it says something about a bad mesh/mesh LOD before attempting to extract the base model, which unfortunately ends up with the same error about a bad mesh. I’m honestly not sure what the cause of this is, so I was hoping someone else might know of a solution to this problem or may be interested in extracting the view model for me (though preferably the former so that I don’t have to keep asking in the future).

Do you have the latest version of Umodel installed? I know it sounds silly but the person who created the mod may have packaged it differently than other mods.

I do have the latest version, yes. However, I can’t seem to get it to extract the view model whatsoever.

I’m gonna give this a slight bump, as I’m still having issues trying to grab the view model on my own.