Problem with Eye Flexes

Hey everybody, i am trying to fix this problem 2nd day… Can’t find what’s wrong, also tried to remake the model in 3ds max, tried new coordinates with qc eyes.
Like you see when i move camera the eyes moves perfectly, but with flexes it doesn’t move. I didn’t get where is the problem. It worked before.


Lookiing at the video, it actually moved - maybe you have correct ranges set up?

Also did you test it in game as opposed to just HLMV?

I tried to change the range to 1, 50000 etc ( for example: flexcontroller eyes eyes_updown “range” -5545.0 5545.0 ) , moving the same… tested in sfm - moves same like in the video. :confused:

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what was the issue?

Eye flexes moved not enough

Bad flexcontroller settings, changed from

flexcontroller eyes eyes_updown “range” -45.000 45.000
flexcontroller eyes eyes_rightleft “range” -45.000 45.000


flexcontroller eyes range -65 65 eyes_updown
flexcontroller eyes range -65 65 eyes_rightleft