Problem with Eyeposing and eye-materials

hey i gonna do a ragdoll with possibility of eye posing. ive tried out a few different ways, but nothing really works.
ive regrouped the eyes and assignend them to its materials

now i stuck at this:,2011052600001YBSZ2.jpg

(i know that there should be only two pupils, and i know that i have to change the scale value in the qc for this)
the pupils arent moving (except when i move the whole model, the texture is moving)

heres my qc:

heres the vmt. for one eye:

pls if someone knows a good tutorial or even some step-for-step picture show or video, or just by finding my mistake, tell me.
if you need more informations, pictures, texts, …, just speak!

regards, tilloile

To fix the multiple pupils thing you need to tick the clamp S and clamp T options in the VTF file.

As for the moving of the eyes, you need to define an attachment in the qc called “Forward” but as to where it needs to go i’m not entirely sure, as i’ve not been that lucky getting it to work :frowning:

Also finding a tutorial for eyeposing is unlikely as i’ve still not seen one, and i’ve looked quite alot.

Use the qc_eyes applet included in the source_sdk and find all the specific X, Y, and Z coordinates the program needs, including the upper and lower lids even if it seems the model doesn’t have any eyelids. From there it should generate the qc data you need to tell the game the limits of the eyeball itself. It looks like you have some already, but you’re missing some data… namely the “blank flex” that you’ll see people reference when eyeposing.

As for the VMT, it does not look correct to me. Try copying the data from a stock model’s VMT with eyes and adjust from there.

The model doesn’t need the attachment bone. The head bone works well too. Eyelids aren’t needed as well. Just the head and mouth attachments. (Actually I don’t even know if the mouth attachment is needed.) Also make sure the 2 points of the irises (vertices) are located behind the actual eyeballs and inside the head, making them act as a differential.

That explains it more.

Also yes to having a blank facial flex. Eyes need that.

alright, thank you all. ill tell if it works.

it works! my problem was, that the flex file had invalid flexes, so that the compiler gave me an error and the origin of the eyes wasnt alright.
the last thing for now is that the pupils are mirrored (moving the eyes to the right the texture goes left, same with up&down)

but thank you very much!
the tutorial was just what i needed