Problem with flex controllers

I’m desperately trying to add some facial flex controllers to a model, but no matter what I do, I just can’t get it to work.
The flex controller shows up fine in the model viewer, but when I move the slider, nothing happens at all:

It seems to work fine in 3ds Max though, so I’m not sure what’s wrong:

This is how I defined the flex in the quake c file:

$model studio "supermutant_reference.SMD" {
	flexfile "flex_mouth_test.vta"
	flex "flex_mouth_test" frame 10
	flexcontroller "mouth" flex_mouth_test range 0 1

	%flex_mouth_test = flex_mouth_test

I followed this tutorial to create the flex:

Does anyone know what could be wrong? Is there something missing in the tutorial?
Any help is appreciated.

When did you export the vta?

It looks like the clone to the left is still there, so I suspect you exported after you deleted it, but did you export while the animation slider was at frame 10 and the flex_mouth_test was at 100?

Yeah, I removed the clone, set the slider to frame 10 and flex_mouth_test to 100 before exporting the .vta-file.

Nice model :buddy:

I ported it from Fallout 3.

Anyone else got any ideas what could be wrong?
Oh, and this doesn’t really have much to do with my problem, but can anyone tell me what this actually does?

%flex_mouth_test = flex_mouth_test

I just added it because it said so in the tutorial, but it didn’t say anything about what this is for.

It’s a variable declaration.


And I don’t know what’s wrong, but just keep trying different stuff.

I can never find out how to port and animate the thing when you port it. Can you please tell me how to port?

Edit: What is a flex anyways?