Problem with fortified bases

Hello guys, Me and my friends last night had a problem getting into a fortification some of the server people had set up to protect them from our attacks.

The server we were on had this weird semi-nopropush thing on and we couldn’t do the default method of pushing ourselves through the wall or pushing each other, and the props barricading the door could not be broken easily (even with the battering ram).Eventually we had to go the other entrance to get in to it which was a weaker part of the base. Here is a clip of the issue

So I was wondering does anyone know how to do the method with the wheel where you can go through the walls? I remember doing it years ago but I have sadly forgot how to do it. If anyone could help or post another method here to get through props and walls please post it here. I would really appreciate it because I can’t remember how to do it at all and I really need it for the servers that use this weird semi-anti push addon that is preventing me and my friends from having fun.


Weld two props together, hold one prop and then you can ram the door with your welded prop.

Thanks for the advise. I will be sure to try that next time. It’s a strange addon on this server it will stop you surfing if your on the ground but if you jump and then push the prop against you there’s no antiproppush or whatever and sometimes it wont work at all…