Problem with FPS in Rust Experemental

Hello, I have a problem. a month ago, after the update, my productivity dropped. was 25 - 30 fps become 5 - 10 fps after upate. the game is running on minimum settings. in resolution 128 * 128. but fps is not increased. froze on 5 - 10 fps. my computer is not weak.

Windows 8.1 x64

Intel i7 4500U 1.8 Ghz - 3.0 Ghz

Amd radeon HD 8670M 1 Gb memory

6 Gb ram

this problem is not only mine, some of my friends also got a drop in performance after the upgrade.

Please help me!

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Здравствуйте, у меня проблема. месяц назад, после обновление, моя производительность понизилась. было 25 - 30 fps стало 5 - 10 fps . игра запусклась на минимальных настройках. в разрешении 128*128. но fps не увеличился. заморозился на 5 - 10 fps. комп не самый сильный но на минималках тянуть должен. но ска не на 10 фпс блять!!

Windows 8.1 x64

Intel i7 4500U 1.8 Ghz - 3.0 Ghz

Amd radeon HD 8670M 1 Gb память

6 Gb ram

эта проблема не только моя, некоторые мои друзья тоже получили спад производительности после обновления.

Пожалуйста помогите!

even on the official forums. I can not find help(( no one answers

Your system is probably not powerful enough to play most modern games reasonably. Your graphics and your CPU are somewhat underpowered. My old gaming laptop (GTX460M, i7 2630QM, 8 GB DDR3) struggles to play Rust, and it’s more powerful than yours.

You can try lowering your graphics settings, lowering your resolution, or buying a better PC.

most people are finding 8gb of decent speed ram is the minimum to run new rust ok.

as an example, with my fellow i7 cpu running ~3 ghz, 8gb ram and a nvidia 710m gpu i get between 15 and 25 fps at the moment. at very least you will need more ram to compensate, but i’d probably update to a newer model if possible.

currently there is a horrendous memory leak client side as well, mine starts at 4.5gb and will slowly increase to almost 8gb before client crashes

I noticed a drop in fps a couple of days ago. Went from 90 to about 45. Still playable, but…