Problem with Garry Mod

Hello dear people,

I really want tell about bug like it looks same to Cry of Fear.
I swear that:

Ops sorry my screenshot is very big…

It looks like old glaux.h! Since I played Cry of Fear as test map with envpos_world and envpos_sky. That is why it looks bad.

Please use newest version of gflw!

Sorry my bad English!

Best regards!

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Garry’s Mod doesn’t use OpenGL, though. This is just because you’re standing at a corner of the world and the skybox doesn’t clip over to fill the gap.

Yeah I want check because it looks like Cry of Fear :confused:
I am stupid because I already bought Garry Mod than I check …ouch…

I wish your Garry Mod need to upgrade fresh OpenGL ES 3 / 4.5 with glShader again glBegin() and glEnd().
OpenGL ES Tutorial

PS: Are you developer of Garry Mod?

holy shit… please do some research on the source engine. it doesn’t use opengl unless you’re on linux or force it to by using a launch parameter.

That’s not the problem: it’s the perspective and order the skybox was rendered from, not the graphics library.

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Also, Cry of Fear is on GoldSrc and the render library is one of the few things that is completely different in Source: it’s a different issue.

Oh no that is truth check forum of Cry of Fear

And I show you my proof
( stupid crash by Steam :frowning: I will show later… )
Sorry I argue Cry of Fear because Cry of Fear crashed since game menu. :frowning: I need re install.
And I will show you. I swear that.

// EDIT BAD NEWS: :frowning: Cry of Fear crashed since Game Menu I tried 2D Menu and Menu nothing working…

It is – the skybox connecting to a world brush at a corner is going to cause cutoff unless it clips over to compensate because of how the skybox is rendered in relation to the player’s perspective. It’s nothing to do with the graphics library, nor do I think it’s possible for such a minute detail to be caused by a graphics library unless it’s some fundamental rendering flaw.

Yeah you said that. It looks like common glsky.h Please check Garry Mod/bin/engine-src/engine/glsky.h - But I don’t know if goldsrc and source are very same and but are different. But I feel because engine.dll was owned by hw.dll ( goldsrc )

Because Half-Life 2 was improved and changed from old Half-Life SDK since Valve Software developed engine from old goldsrc into source engine.

Or Valve Software did sky_camera into engine.dll, client.dll or server.dll?

Make sure and fix it! Thanks!

just because you think it’s an opengl issue doesn’t mean it is, especially since, you know, garry’s mod uses directx. are you even reading his responses?

I found \source-sdk-2013-master\sp\src\game\server or \source-sdk-2013-master\mp\src\game\server
Than you find SkyCamera.cpp and SkyCamera.h If they are fresh and updated - you need fix and try again. I think Half-Life 2 skycamera hasn’t problem.

I hope you have to check new sources of github and old sources from Source SDK of Steam ( old version )

// EDIT:
@Tyler: Are you sure?

But I am using only OpenGL. I saw like Half-Life 2 skycamera looks clean because github ( Source SDK 2013 ) was updated…

Are you just posting and not reading our responses? If you can point to a specific SDK method(s) that is not updated in Garry’s Mod, create an issue here:

Yeah I’m sorry - I don’t know GarryMod has github. God thanks! Should I report bug because SkyCamera from old Source SDK ( 2009, 2008 or 2007 )?

Thanks! I will…