Problem with garry's mod, Keyboard

Hi hi,
I purchased Garry’s Mod yesterday, and I really love playing there. The game plays perfectly, I can go multi or single player, but when I press any key on my keyboard, my game crashes and I return to the office.
My graphics card is an Intel ® Sandybridge Mobile, which is up to date. I poke around on all the forums and I found nothing. Is there a patch for the keyboard work in the game?
Clarification: I am running Ubuntu 12.10 LTS.
I really hope someone knows how.
PS : Sorry for some mistakes, I’m French and I have 14 years old.

Probably has to do with Linux, try going into your library, pressing on Properties, then Betas. From here choose the Dev branch and see if that fixes it.

Even being in “Dev”, I have exactly the same