Problem with GM/GMA files

I’ve been trying for probably an hour to extract the files from GMA/GM filetypes downloaded from the GMod Steam Workshop. I have tried to use GMAD, G-GMA Extractor, and GMADConv but to no avail. I am really just trying to get it to extract the MDL and VTF files, so I can use the 3D models for my other purposes (3d printing and pepakura). The error I keep coming across is “There was a problem parsing the file”. I’m not sure if this could be a Framework issue or some other problem but I’m really hoping someone here can help, or at the very least extract the files for me, make each a ZIP or whatever and upload to Mega.
Here’s the link to the weapons I’m trying to get extracted.
Thanks to whoever can help me.

Iunno how to help you with that (I use GMPU to unpack addon files which so far worked 100%) but i can extract the files and zip them up if you want.

EDIT: propably too many textures, but whatever