Problem with Gmod and BMS

OK well to sum it up my letter “p” key will not work in game unless i capitalize it by holding shift first, its annoying and makes me look stupid randomly having a capitol P in chat. it also does not work in Black mesa source, but i have no key binded to that letter, my keyboard is not broken because it works fine on here, see “pppppp” i have tried unbinding the key and deleting content and redownloading but to no avail. it will not work in GMOD chat or the console but will work in the steam overlay. i have brought this up to experienced coders and no one understands what could be causing it. its not the keyboard, or binds, something else is causing it and its quite frustrating. any help on this would be amazing!

if you have any questions about what else its doing please ask ill be happy to answer.

Wait so what are you talking about? What does P do in Black Mesa: Source and what does that have to do with Garry’s Mod? Also what is wrong with your gmod P button?

basically when using chat or console it doesnt work unless i hold shift to capitalize it. im an admin on a server and its really annoying to type commands with the letter P not functioning unless i hold shift first. its unlike the backspace problem, its something entirly different blocking the ability to use an undercase P

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Im assuming that since the key doesnt work in either of the games it has to be a related problem, so thats how. however in C:SS, HL2 and the Episodes the key functions just fine. whats strange is that any binded key i have works normally in console or chat in GMOD or BMS. a Few weeks ago this problem popped up and i have not found anything like it on any forums. to everyone i know who is a gmod wiz, its a mystery problem with an unknown solution. ive tried everything i can think of,(Deleted local content, unbind p through all games, changed keyboards, tried reprogramming the key) and still cant fix it. it may seem like a minor problem but its effects suck when you are in game.