Problem with Gmod single player.

Okay so the problem I have is that I used Easy gmod SVN
and downloaded a ton of stuff from there.
But now as I go to Single Player ,it loads really slow (like 30 min) and when it loads it throws up like 5 MOTDS and stuff.
But the real problem is that it has some kind of admin mode now and I cant noclip “Please wait 1 second to get up”
have no weapons and cant use most of tools or gcombat or wire or adv dupe!
You can imagine how I feel when I wait ages for it to load and then its all crapped up.
Also it has some weird bar at the top of the screen.


Also if anybody knows what addon it is please tell!.

Clean your Garry’s mod, all the useless junk addons you have installed are the cause of the 30 minute load times.

Before I deleted all my files and only had vanilla gmod and still took 30 min.
and no I dont have a crappy computer its a quad core 2.40something

I’m sorry but there’s no way that you cleaned your Garry’s Mod if it still took 30 minutes to load. I have a quad core and my GMod loads into multiplayer in about 30 seconds.

Okay , but back to the thing , anybody have any idea what it is?

It could be a supremely slow, full, or broken hard drive. Or it could be you do not have enough RAM and it is all being shuttled to virtual RAM. Or even you have too many programs running or one program running that has a memory leak! The possibilities are endless!

Download more RAM! It works 100%!

i have the same problems on specific maps. does this happen on all your single player maps?

Clear out your garrysmod folder by renaming your current one. Start garrysmod and it will create a totally new garrysmod folder that you can use. Delete the old one.

It happened on all maps , renaming worked like a charm gm construct only took about 30 sec to load but now I have lost my addons and if I pit them back it will be slow as hell again

Put back what you only use. If u have something useless, what you think you will use, delete/move away it. Oh, That bar at top is possibly ASSMod.

Wow, we really need an addon manager which tellls what is what and how often do you use it

Ok turns out that thing that kept me from noclipping was RagMod!