Problem with Gtx 850m


I’m using a GTX 850m, it is correctly set in the NVIDIA control painel to be used on the, and yet, when i run it, it uses my intel graphics one (Giving me 10 fps).
The image on the link below shows what the game gives me.

I Checked for Driver Updates, Downgrades, yet nothing seens to work, neither was i able to find something to fix it on the internet.

I Tested the old version of the game and it gives me 60 fps easily and works just fine with this graphich card.

Only possibly thing that i can’t test is that some posts on the internet said that it will work fine if set to 32 bits version, and will find my graphich card, yet i can’t really test it since my system is 64 bits, and the game offers no option to play it in 32bits (Not that i found, at least.)
Also, it seens that one person posted about it on this forum some time ago, but in the end the problem was not fixed. Also found posts about it on the Steam community forum, without solution, so it’s something that should be looked into, i guess?

So Anyone has anything that may be able to help me on this one? :T

Download Nvidia Inspector. Click the tools icon near the driver version box.

Access the profile for Rust. If one doesn’t exist, create it.

Find the “Shim Rendering Mode Options per Application for Optimus” option, and set it to SHIM_RENDERING_OPTIONS_DEFAULT_RENDERING_MODE and then save the profile. Then try Rust.

Just Tried it, but it seens to be set like that by default.

Here is a image of how exactly everything is set.

If there is anything else i can provide to help getting a clue to fixi it, just ask.

Try setting “Enable this application for Optimus” to something else, like disabled.

There are two threads about this, so I wonder if something happened in the last patch.

Nope, there is nothing like disable there, yet i’m testing the options in this section (Enable this application for Optimus) and none seen to change something


The NVIDIA seens only to recognize the Old Rust Version, ignoring the new one, even on its Control Painel. Well, its a guess.

What i did was delete the shim dll located here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\coprocmanager


Or you can replace it with an other version more info here:

Hmmm, didn’t seen to work, at the very least everything went more buggy, since i couldn’t even open the control painel of nvidia anymore haha

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Also, the output_log of both normal and legacy version here, showing that one runs normaly and the other all fucked up using the intel:

If anyone can take something out from then to help, i dunno.

-actually, that step’s redundant-

You’re not the only one reporting this problem, so I think it’s something in the last patch, possibly a bug that’s triggering another bug in Nvidia drivers or something.

Sounds like an issue with your card or drivers and not the game.


Just to be sure and to rule out EAC here, since it is working with legacy, does the problem exist also if you run RustClient.exe directly from the Steam\SteamApps\common\Rust\ folder? Just to game menu where you can check from console the chosen graphics card.

Yes, i agree. The same bug in the nvidia card was also found in games like Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm, Endless Legend, Dephts, etc…

Or at least, it is what i found during my search for a solution, yet i have some of these games and don’t experience this problem on then.

Yes, yet i tried solutions by doing updates or reversing to older versions, but no good.

@eac knubbe
Yes, the problem persists this way, tried to make many things to execute with the nvidia on the RustClient.exe but it’s no good. :T

I am the other person who is having problems with this, It was working fine until I updated my graphics card! All my other games work well including Garys Mod! I hope this can be fixed soon! Also my buddy has a 950M graphics card and he has the exact same problem!

Have you considered perhaps it’s a hardware problem? If you get the same problem across multiple games and drivers seem to be ok, then that narrows it down to a bad video card.

I Meant that other people found this problem in other games, i just listed some that i found during my searchs, only one that i’m having this problem is this game.

Hello, found something that might fix it if someone is still looking for a clue.

It worked for me! :slight_smile: