Problem with GuiStudioMdl 2.2 and .qc

I’m having a bit of trouble compiling a custom animation for the Scout for use in TF2/GMod.

Here is the .qc:

I’ve exported the sequence SMD out of 3DS Max 2012. The Sequence SMD is located in the folder:

…And the .qc (named: “scout_animations_1”) is located in the folder:

 Now the problem is that whenever I out the "scout_animations_1.qc" into  GUIStudioMdl and hit compile, it gives me this message and then just  freezes:

After that it just freezes and the model never gets compiled. Does anyone know what might be wrong here?

Could you rather try compiling trough studiomdl
Just make a batch file pointing to it and put pause on the last line. Ought to give a much better log.

Eh. It’s no good. StudioMdl just gives me the same message. Could it just be some underlying problem with CannonFodders’s 3DS MAX 2012 SMD Exporter?