Problem with HLServer's fast download URL

Hello! Im having problems with HLServer. I have set up a fast download URL. It works,downloads the files pretty fast.
But. When i (or any other player) finishes the downloading of the map, the server throws up the following message:
Your map [maps/(map name here).bsp] differs from the server’s.
Thats pretty annoying,because i uploaded the .bsp files directly from HLServer’s /maps directory. The config file contains the following commands (too):
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_allowupload 1
sv_pure 0
sv_downloadurl “
sv_consistency 0 (not worked with 1 tough)
And added the maps to the maplist,and the map rotation. The server has Metamod,sourcemod, and a few other plugins installed (Those all responding and working).
Any help means a lot for me.
Thanks: daaz

Try taking out the end slash in the download url.

A while back I had this problem with our FastDL, the CRC check was failing, soon found out it was the way my FTP client was uploading the map file.

Try changing the transfer type on your FTP client, if I recall correctly I tried Binary mode and it worked.

You could try uploading a compressed version (Make sure you remove the .bsp if you upload the .bz2) as well, or if anything something could have gone wrong during the upload, try re-uploading.

Other than that it looks like the files on the web server are readable and your sv_downloadurl looks correct.

Hope some of this helps, if your still having problems feel free to contact me or add me on steam or skype I may be able to help a bit.

Thanks the help!I keep triing.If nothing worked i post something here.
I took out the end slash,and tried out the .bz2 methode.Still differs.And i have no idea how to change the data transfer type on my domain.

You need the slash, or it fails.