Problem with HUD DarkRP

I have a problem with hud… Look :


You’re asking about a scriptfodder addon. There’s a readme for most of them, you might want to read that.

Edit: That or contact the creator.

So i try to turn "[“DarkRP_HUD”] = false to "[“DarkRP_HUD”] = true

And now its do me that :

Thats because vector hud replaces the default darkrp hud. Like I said, read the readme.txt.

Thanks for the reply but he dont have any folder called : readme in the SleekHud folder :confused:

Make it a little bit easier for him

local hideHUDElements = {

	["DarkRP_HUD"] = true,
	["CHudHealth"] = true,
	["CHudBattery"] = true,
	["CHudSuitPower"] = true,
	["CHudAmmo"] = false
hook.Add("HUDShouldDraw", "HideDefaultDarkRPHud", function(name)
	if hideHUDElements[name] == true then return false end

Make sure all of those are in it.

Could simplify that.

[lua]if hideHUDElements[name] then return false end[/lua]