Problem with interactions

Hey, ive got some really bad problems on the exp servers… but just since yesterday.
Weve got an own server, everything went finde so far.
But now i can play for some minutes, hours or sometimes only for seconds and after that i cant interact with stuff or cant even see if a friends sets a new box or wall or something like that.
My console got spammed with:
Dropping effect Generic and
Skipped frame because gfxdevice is in invalid state (device lost)
Really everything went fine before yesterday.
ive got all new Graphic card updates and so on, but nothing helped.


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this problem got 50% players BUT developers shitted on us.Passed two months but changed nothing. Nobody needs your salvage axe and radiation if it is impossible to come into game

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yeah, so true… but i can always get into the game i cann even run around… the problem starts from now to then, not in the login screen

I also am having this issue, as well as a Packet Error when I try and connect to servers 90% of the time.

Vote for this bug in the bug submission forum to bring it to their attention!!!: