Problem with Jigglebones

I’m trying to add jigglebone on v_ model of grenade on pin. And all is quite fine until I try to use pitch_constraint or yaw_constraint - when I do that, bone is acting all wild, and after few seconds it completely disappear (as bone I mean “whatever is aligned to it, of course”).

Any tips or ideas what is wrong with it?

I even tried jigglebone that only would that pitch_constraint line, and it still was all screwed.

perhaps the physics model is colliding with itself?

in my experience with jigglebones (i put about 14 on my tails player model) they are figitey things valve hasent dealt with them too often so its not really a feature that sees frequent patching its loaded with bugs (during development jigglebones on my sonic models would flip 180 degrees and lock in that position when taking damage i dont know how i fixed it but i guess it kinda fixed itself)

besides why constrain the angle? in all the grenades ive seen the pin swings freely id recomend using a tip_mass instead

Jigglebones don’t collide with anything. Try a different kind of jigglebone. Are you using rigid, flexible, or base spring?

I suggest you double-check your angular constraints.

if the pins collision mesh is weightmapped to the jigglebone then it will collide with the rest of the grenade. this is always the case unless you use nocollide

try to distance the pins geometry from the main grenade body on the colision mesh. the collision mesh may be being forced inside the collision geometry of the grenade

the same reason why welding a ragdoll to another object the wrong way will make the ragdoll flip out

Jigglebones do not collide with anything. The collision mesh has nothing to do with jigglebones. You can compiled an animated model with jigglebones that has no physics data.

since jigglebones are just normal bones that are specified to be physically simulated in the qc then that means if two shapes in the collision mesh are weighmapped to diffrent bones they will collde this is why arms dont just pass through torsos they collide and stop when they hit the torso
jigglebones are just bones the source engine has been told to move more often and that is their only diffrence from regular bones on a rig

you CAN compile an animated model with jigglebones that has no physics data but that is not likely the case since a jigglebone attached to a pin with no collision data would cause the pin to just go though the grenade

Okay, you clearly do not know what you are talking about. Jigglebones do not collide with anything, regardless of there being a physmodel or not. They simply move around based on a number of parameters setup in the qc. You can set their constraints to minimize clipping, but otherwise there’s no collision.

If you’re having problems with spazzing jigglebones (especially if they’re chained, like in a robe/coat/ponytail) it’s more than likely your angular constraints. Also consider the stiffness.

So, do jigglebones work in gmod now? I remember fighting with mariokart about this very topic of whether my jigglebones were just limp ragdoll joints or actual jigglebones.

Yeah, they do. I remember Garry updated it about a month or two after that argument. Haven’t tested it myself, though.

That is for v_ model (which might be the case why it’s working so weird?) It doesn’t have any physics model. I use rigid.
I want to constrain the angle, because if I won’t then pin will “fall” inside grenade. Pin can move left, right and towards me, but moving away from me will make pin hide in grenade, which is simply bad.

If I don’t use pitch_ nor yaw_constraint it all works really nice, beside pin going inside nade. So, I wanted to use pitch_constraint 0 90 to block whole movement away from me, but this makes whole pin acting all weird (I also tried some other numbers, and it was still berserking).

If there’s some other way to not have that pin going inside nade I’d be happy to hear.

you could try rigging the body of the grenade a bit to the pin, blend I mean, that way the pin is still rigged as the pin, but it wont move around as much