Problem with joining my own server.

The problem seemed to increase after I removed Metamod/Sourcemod from the addons folder (I use ULX instead, so it was pointless).
During the Sending Client Info phase, I’ll get the “hl2.exe has stopped working” error and that’s about it.
In the SSH window of my server, the following pops up after I forceclose garrys mod:

At random times, I do finally manage to get on the server, but to be greeted with lua errors that say “not enough memory” or some shit.
Garry’s Mod crashes, and I can’t play on my server.

Any ideas?
If you’d like to give it a shot, use the IP
Hopefully I’m not the only one, this is really annoying.

Shouldn’t the IP be something like

For him yes, not if you want to join

You’ve been playing too much Minecraft. Garry’s Mod default port is 27015… Yeah.
Anyways, you could try to use the dump-file checker on

It works for me when I lower my Graphic settings, it’s annoying, so I hope the make a fix soon.

Lowering settings? Feels like you using a big map.