Problem with jump packs

The problem with the jump packs is that people are able to fly with them, I’ve had to keep lowering them because it just keeps doing this.
Not sure what the source of the problem really is and I’m really just hoping someone has experienced this before.

I’ve had SetVelocity at 17 before and it worked fine for a bit then players began reporting other players flying when others could not with the same jump pack.
It is now set at 9 and the problem persists, I’m not the brightest when it comes to lua so any help would be appreciated. Perhaps a invite to FORTNITE as a gift to thank you.
Any help would be appreciated or even a better way to have this jump pack do what I need it to, mainly jump and glide.

Thank you.

The jumppack can be glitched out with fake pings, eg using cl_cmdrate +60 in console. try setting the jumppower instead.

Would you mind kindly demonstrating how to do that?

simply…replace setvelocity…with jumppower…?? Look at the wiki for the desired function. Either JumpPower or JumpHeight, dont remember.