Problem with keeping class in DarkRP mode on my server

Whenever someone dies, their class resets, you don’t have the right weapons you’re supposed to start with, you can’t access the things you’re supposed to be able to in the f4 menu, but it still says your that class on the scoreboard. Also, the first time someone spawns, he’s an error to me, and the citizen model is the same as it should be, and they’re are no custom player models used for any jobs. The last thing is that the admin models trump the class models all the time, so instead of having the model of my job, i’ll have the model set to the rank i have.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: I use ASSMod.


Use the SVN version if your not. If you are, you most likely messed something up.

I do use the SVN version for DarkRP, but i’m going to reinstall ASSmod.