Problem with light

I’ve just started making maps for garry’s mod!
And i have a problem with reflections, on the Light_Envoirment settings i first had Brightness: 255 255 255 200 and Ambient: 255 255 255 80 and that was too bright, so i tried to lower the brightness to 255 255 255 200 which i think is deafult and keep Ambient on 80.
After i did that it still looks the same just not as bright.

I Don’t know what i’m doing wrong, i’ve tried to find a solution but i haven’t, that is why i’m asking here. :]
Maybe it has nothing to do with the brightness and ambient (please tell me what setting you’re using) but i don’t know…
Hope you can help me!
Thanks in advance.

Placed and built cubemaps?

Put in env_cubemap. For the light values check this out.

I rated myself late.

Thanks both of you.
Could you explain more how to do that? That would be great.



Thank you.
Hmmm this was hard.


Okey it wasn’t that hard.
i think this looks fine, doesn’t it?
Thanks for the help guys!

It looks better, but it could look great.

Yeah it could. :slight_smile:
But i think i’m gonna keep it as it is now.
Oh btw do you know if i can make an object that is breakable respawn again?