Problem with LOW FPS

Hi guys. I have a problem and mostly in RP. We are using DARKRP. When i play the game i have 9-13 FPS wich is quite low…but when i press ESC and menu shows up my FPS raises to 25. Is there any way how to turn off that RP interface?

What is your average FPS? RP is a tad more system intensive than regular Gmod.

Before anything started (i have it too in SpaceBuild 3) i had around 20-40 FPS normally
But nowadays i have 9-16. Its really strange. I have even lowered the settings a lot and still low FPS.

Do you have up-to-date graphic card drivers? If it’s been a while since you’ve updated them, I suggest do so.

I did just now. And also tryed another server with different map. (both with old and new drivers)
Old: 10-16
New: 18-26

But when i enter menu on the new ones I have 80 FPS.

Dunno what they are set to right now, but you should consider turning your shadow settings down a bit. That’ll give you some extra FPS.

My shadows are and always been on LOW settings.
My settings now: 14XX to XXXX 16:10 LCD wide WINDOWED.
Models: Medium
Textures: High
AntiAliasing: 4x
Texture Filtering: billinear
Shadows: Low
Shaders: Low
Color Correction: Disabled
HDR: Disabled

Windowed mode is killing your FPS.

No it’s not. I have changed to windowed after installing new drivers and i even gained few FPS.
Anyway i have suspicion that there is problem with DARKRP hud. I was playing on BUILD server and everything was right(50FPS), and then i connected to GMOD TOWER and i had quite fine FPS even here.

Turn down your anti-aliazing.

I have tried that. It does not help. And playing without antialiasing does not have a sense becouse it looks terrible.

It was just the opposite while playing for me. My FPS would be pretty much cut in half from playing in windowed, versus fullscreen.

I only lost about 10 FPS when changing from fullscreen to noborder.

Is worth it :smiley:

Well it does both on windowed and fullscreen so we don’t have to talk about this anymore. Something else than graphical settings cause it :frowning:

Can anyone help me?