PRoblem with Madcow

Yeah, when ever I join a server, that uses madcow’s guns, all of them work fine except the ak, which is stuck in a left handed kind of mode, which makes it impossible to aim. Is there a way to fix that?

The server has made it so viewmodel flip is on. You cannot fix this yourself; the server owner probably chose to do so.

Actually, everyone else said their aks work fine.

That’s strange. Try taking all of the models/materials and such out of the downloads folder (cut & paste somewhere) and try again.

Didn’t help, I’m afraid. Still left handed. Also, the reload sequence is broken, not quite sure what that’s about.

Do you own CS:S?

Yes, I do. Why?

Start it up and verify it.

Ok, I am. Now what should I do?
(I have a strange feeling it may be the script in the custom folder, but I assumed that doesn’t affect anything…)

… How about you try that.

It didn’t work. I played single player to make sure it was client side, an it is.

Well, I think I got it, but it still can’t aim. The following ironsights positions won’t work:
SWEP.IronSightsPos = Vector (6.0816, -7.8745, 2.5074)
SWEP.IronSightsAng = Vector (2.4511, -0.0486, 0)
I modified them so I position the gun in front, but I can’t get it accurate, and I need help.

Nope, it affects all of my ak47 mods that need css.

Does this happen in CS:S?

Yeah, it does…

Well that’s the issue then. Reinstall CS:S and make sure you manually delete the CS:S folder.

Wierd thing is, I already did, before. Think I should just do it again?

Yes, but this time, turn off Steam Cloud.

Fixed it on css, not on gmod.

Turn off Steam Cloud on GMod and reinstall.