problem with model collision

Hello, I have a problem with the collisions of my model. I noticed that when compilation, collisiosn are added as if they had wrapped the model with aluminum, and so we can not get in. I do not know how to fix this. :confused:

My .QC file

// Created by Crowbar

$modelname "actu-gamework\starisland\maisonette9\Maisonette9Part1.mdl"

$model part1_0 maisonette9part1_body0_model0.smd
$model part1_1 maisonette9part1_body1_model0.smd
$model part1_2 maisonette9part1_body2_model0.smd
$model part1_3 maisonette9part1_body3_model0.smd
$model part1_4 maisonette9part1_body4_model0.smd
$model part1_5 maisonette9part1_body5_model0.smd
$model part1_6 maisonette9part1_body6_model0.smd
$model part1_7 maisonette9part1_body7_model0.smd
$model part1_8 maisonette9part1_body8_model0.smd
$model part1_9 maisonette9part1_body9_model0.smd

$surfaceprop "flesh"

$contents "solid"

$maxeyedeflection 90


$collisionmodel "maisonette9.smd"
	$mass 10.0


$cdmaterials "models\Red Menace\GTAIV\Scenery\Maisonette9\"

$cbox 0 0 0 0 0 0

$bbox -679.741 -655.417 -17.623 1103.241 1066.643 379.643

$sequence idle	"maisonette9.smd"

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Might wanna try asking this in the Modelling section, this is the Mapping section

ok thanks.

Is your collision model made up of ONLY convex pieces that are all closed ? If so you simply have too many of them the standard max is pretty low.


maxconvexpieces [int]

Inside your collision model brackets.

Post compile log