Problem with Model Viewer

Hello, I am using Half life model viewer v1.25 Everytime I try to load my MDL File or any other mdl file it just quits on me. I looked everywhere for an answer! Nothing. I am trying to make my ragdoll but I cannot if no model viewer works. I tried jeds model viewer and half life model viewer. No help. The only model viewer that seems to work is the source sdk one but that only reads from a GCF file. So can somone help me out on how I can fix this problem or where I can get a working model viewer? I think this issue is caused by my graphics card.

Graphics Card: RADEON X800 Series

Erm I’m pretty sure the SDK one reads from the Half life folder, not the GCF.

Try throwing the models into the half life model folder

What the fuck are you talking about, no it doesn’t.
It reads from both.


Also, it looks like the new update just broke model viewer. It won’t open models for me either.

My bad, I meant to type ‘not just the GCF’

So what you guys are telling me is that I can use the source sdk one? How? Everytime I put models in the half life 2 folder is just isnt in there when opening it in model viewer?

EDIT: I found that it did work… ZZZZ…