Problem with models !

Yesterday i bought Garrys Mod on steam. And look :c

Gallery of pics:

Btw. I dont have HL2. I have HL2;Lost Coast and HL2;Deathmatch.
Whats problem ? Please, fast answer !!

Either graphics card cancer, or something else.
Try running it with -dxlevel 8 or -dxlevel 9

Also, update your drivers:

Common driver websites

Other updates
Windows Update

Nothing. Before i bought garrys mod i play non steam version. Non steam version work normall 100%.

Reinstall Gmod and/or Direct X, if you don’t have it, install 11 or 12…

Valid steam link?

How can you have lost coast but not half life 2?

HL2: Lost coast is free :slight_smile:

With the orange box

Isn’t half life 2 in that?

Last time I checked the only way to get Lost Coast was to own a copy of Half Life 2

You forgot the graphics card promotion, provided free copies of hl2dm and lost cost.