Problem with models.

I have model problems
My first problem, I’m trying to port models from Alien Swarm to a map I’m working on in HAMMER. I used GCFScape and extracted the files and put them in my CS:S directory but when ever I’m in hammer and look for them in the model view I can select the model but it doesn’t show anything, like it’s invisible?

The props are supposed to work as static but don’t show up in game so I tried setting the physics health extremely high but all it takes is one knife hit or bullet to knock them down.

Most props that are suppose to be prop_physics has the static flag checked. You can make the props a prop_physics and have the Don’t take physics damage flag checked.

I didn’t know that. I’ll give it a try!
Do you have any clue as to why my models don’t show up? Maybe a directory I could put them in?

I just told you.

Sorry, Should’ve explained… >.<
I meant why after putting models in my CS:S directory why I can’t see them in model viewer, HAMMER, or my map?

Wrong format. Use the .vtx fixer on them.



And hammer isn’t capitals.