Problem with money


i have problem

my rp server has money printers

that spawn money


but i cant pick up the money

it just stays there in the air doesnt move or anything

thanks in adv

also whats the command to give your self money (admin command)

You need Counter Strike Source content on your server.

As for the set money thing, just don’t, admins should play as equals to the rest of the roleplayers. But, anyways, here it is.


yes i know that

but people cant use the money printers so when money pops i give them 200


This still isnt working

css is installed i still cant pick up money

its just floating in mid-air and i can walk through it

also its easy to spam it

Make sure the directory structure is,

You may also do this,


Same concept if you want any more content installed.

ok thanks ill see if that works