Problem with my model In-Game

So I finally finished my model, compiled and stuff and got this:

I have checked the model was attached to the Pocket bone many times, by selecting my model and the the bone, pressing control+p and selecting empty groups. Then I went to the object data thing and assigned the bone to my model and it was attached when I selected the bone. I also checked if the modifier that appears when pressing control+p was there.

Help please

I’m Guessing you’re using Blender

I have a feeling you haven’t applied the objects location, If you hit Alt+G right now you’ll see it shift

So when the model is in its correct location, hit Ctrl+A and click Apply Location (This will center the objects center point without actually moving the object), You may as well apply the rotation and scale as well for good measure.

Uhm, I took my model and hit ALT+G, moved to the side it should be and pressed ctrl+a so applied location, scale and rotation but the model is still floating in the air :confused:

Did you export the pocket bone with the model at the same time?
If you didn’t, then it won’t be in the right location because bone merging can’t work properly without two of the same bone

Think of it like a plug and socket, the socket is already on the model as the actual pocket bone, and you need to put the plug on the item yourself by including it when you export the reference mesh.

So I need to export my model but first I must select both (The model and the bone) with shift and right click?

I suspect you either don’t have the mesh parented or weight mapped to the engineer’s skeleton.

I tried what one free man said, and I got a ‘‘Group.smd’’ which I got by selecting the bone and the model with shift, but my model is still on the wrong location. Any other ideas? I heard this could be a QC script problem, in this case, how could I fix it?

And yes, I parented the mesh and the skeleton by pressing Ctrl+P and then selecting ‘‘With empty groups’’, and did not work

And yes, he decompiled engineer himself and that’s why it didn’t work.

What? no, I used MDLDecompiler for doing that. It decompiled correctly