Problem with my Server

Hey guys the past few days players keep getting kicked/banned or demoted on my servers it keeps happining from console. Im not hosting my server i bought it. Everyday my servers get full but my Provider also has a server of his own. His is usally empty…untill he took my gamemode out of my folder and put it on his server. Every since then people get kicked/banned from my server. Could it be my provider if so is there anyway i can tell. I dont have access to my console out of my server besides rcon. Ive changed my rcon so only 2 people know me and my co-owner. it cant be my co-owner because he made my gamemode. If there is a law against this i have proof from console kicking. i have also gone on his website to complain(about 5 times) and everytime he picks up. so there is no way to contact the owner. If i could have some help with this please help is there a way i can place a lawsuit or sue anything? please help me!!!
(PS if this is in the Wrong area im sorry. i can fix this and move it to a new area but i dont know where)

-Thanks Sniper(Brendan)

First of all wrong section (

Second did you give anyone your cpanel username and password?

I am very sorry about the wrong section pert truly am and only me and my co-owner knows the rcon noone else. also what should i do to move this to that area?

Only me and my co-owner knows the info the my server noone else

May i ask who is your host? It is unusual for your host to this after all your paying them right, it looks like someone got the login details for the cpanel to stop them from doing it further you would need to tell your host to block their IP from using the Cpanel. Make sure you change your password after this. (This situation happened to me once when I was Co Owner of a server unfortunately the Owner gave the Cpanel details to the wrong people and my GSP blocked them from the Cpanel.)

Well afterwards the first day of the kicks i changed everything my panel pass and rcon pass but the hosting company is

and it still goes on

I just changed my info last night again this is the 2nd time changing it and people where kicked today and i havent even told my co-owner the password yet to my panal or rcon

Tell your host to get the logs of the IP addresses on who went on your control panel then so that they can block the unauthorized IP address.

ive grabbed every IP on my logs 1 is mine the other is my co-owner and there is 1 i dont know of. but i will contact my hoster about it

but ive only seen that ip 1 time but people have been kicked for the past 4 days and the last time that IP accessed was days ago when i first started my server up

Are there any Users that have access to maybe modifying the files or uploading files created on your control panel account? If there are you might want to delete them.

I have 1 user which is my back up noone knows the PW but me and my perp server isnt even active there are 0 players because its under development

Its also unusual how the co owner got the gamemode even though it looks like the server host provides it that’s a bit odd to me after all they do provide a perp control panel (

Anyways good luck on your server and hope things back the way you want it to be with your server.

well idk why he took it from my server he went into our settings and took it