Problem with my server.

Don’t know if this is the right place to post this, and sorry if these posts are annoying, but I haven’t seen any posts addressing this specific problem yet, so here it goes.

I am running a Garry’s Mod server off of a VPS.
The gamemode is DarkRP.

Last time I ran a server, when I would add a new shipment/job/anything, it would automatically update in-game.
Now it doesn’t do that anymore, what do I enable for it to do that?

Thanks to anyone who replies.

Are you adding stuff into a new folder in the addons folder? If so you’ll have to restart.
A map change works only if you’re adding stuff directly to the root folders.

I’m talking about DarkRPmodification.
Normally, when you update the jobs.lua or shipments.lua, it would automatically update in game as well.

It doesn’t auto-update on linux servers from what I hear, isn’t supported on that OS. Your old server was probably on a different OS.


EDIT2: Assuming your VPS is running linux.

It is, and that makes me pretty sad. :frowning:

Well thanks anyways.