Problem with my textures, PHX textures unaffected.

I’ve been playing around with Propper trying to make licence plates, but I’m having a problem where the textures of the car will in a way “override” those of my plate, like in the screenshot below. Only from certain angles will my plate show up normally. When I put a PHX prop in the same place however, there were no problems whatsoever. See the screen-shots below to see what I mean. Are there any flags/vmt settings I can use to override those of the car? And does anyone know how the PHX textures would be different than mine. Thank you

Every screenshot of the Green car has a plate on or in front of the car.

The PHX prop in the screenshot below has no problem being seen from any angle.

On the license plate is it the thinnest it could possibly be? Are the sides/back of the plate nodrawed?

If so, try maybe 1 unit more thickness and/or keep all sides textured to some degree. I know this may be a “Why?” but I had this problem just in general mapping

It’s as if the license plate is not on speaking terms with the car.