Problem with my tools. Is it an update's fault?

I remember before I used to be able to spawn cameras by just aiming at the ground and clicking. I used to be able to duplicate NPC’s and spawn them on the ground. I can’t do that anymore and I have to have a prop or NPC to spawn things, place cameras, etc. Trying to use tools on the world doesn’t seem to work like it used to. Is it just my game or a setting? Is this happening to anyone else?

Common issue, don’t remember what’s causing it or how to fix.

Dude that’s retarded. I think it was an update because I didn’t have that problem before.

Are you using the tools while inside of a Save game? Save games have always fucked up and won’t be fixed. Use Adv Duplicator instead. Adv Duplicator is included in Wiremod. Use this tutorial to get it:

Well people keep telling me I have to reinstall, and actually I did before I even posted. I reinstalled primarily because it was going ridiculously slow and I was clearing out my computer of stuff, and even then I had the problem.


It’s not that. It’s just whenever I try to spawn things on the world, it won’t let me. I have to use a model to spawn my adv dupes and it’s super retarded.