Problem with mysqloo

Hello guys, i’ve followed: this tutorial, i’ve added the file: libmySQL.dll next to scrds.exe, i’ve created the folder. inside garrysmod/lua/bin ( this folder ), i inserted the gmsv_mysqloo_win32.dll file there, but when i put require(“mysqloo”); i keep getting this error:

Couldn't include file 'includes/modules/mysqloo.lua' (File not found) (@path/to/file.lua (line x))

[ERROR] path	o\file.lua:x: Module not found!
  1. require - [C]:-1
   2. ...

I’ve checked this 10410231 times:

You’re missing (or have the wrong file for your OS) the module, it should be in path/to/server/garrysmod/lua/bin.

But it doesn’t work, any clue about what’s going on :confused: its really annoying and im trying to do something with mysql on lua huh…


PS: I get that message but it does what it have to do… ( the info is being added to the mysql database LOL )…