Problem With New Gamemodes

The GMod 13 server list is organized by gamemode, from most played to least.
The problem here is that new gamemodes will NEVER be stumbled upon.

For example, if I were to make a gamemode that is somewhat similar to Flood, but contains a plethora of different game mechanics such as team-based combat and different weapon/ammo systems. I would be provided with two options. Should I release it under the official name of Flood, but a different ingame alias, which would doom my gamemode to never being truly set apart from Flood, or should I officially call my gamemode something unique, dooming it to sit at the bottom of the mile-long list of gamemode corpses.

The situation sucks. If I release a gamemode the only way of getting a steady flow of new players is to advertise heavily or invite friends. This simply wouldn’t work for obvious reasons.

To fix this, I propose that, by default, the server listing is sorted alphabetically by gamemode. This way, if you were searching for a specific gamemode it would be easy to locate, and if you were searching for a new gamemode to stumble upon, it would be there amid the popular and the unplayed, waiting to be found.

As of now, gamemodes are doomed to being buried in the ass-end of the server list. It won’t be long until new gamemodes are all just single-server mods ran by one person.

or use legacy

The fact that you use legacy, does not mean others do.

There should be like a place to put NEW GAMEMODES or something along those lines so people would go “new gamemode? SWEET” and check it out. Personally if that happened i would og on that often deathrun gets boring sometimes

The fact the folder name is now the gamemode name in the list irritates me coz you end up with 12 servers running DarkRP and 32 running darkRp and 60 running Darkrp 3.2 and so on… how can you ever win finding something if everything is considered a new gamemode because its got caps or not…

Well there’s Games In Progress where you can show your gamemode off.

I don’t think it compares to the massive playerbase who DOESN’T regularly check Facepunch for new gamemodes.

It would sure be cool to have something like “gamemode of the day” or whatever in a separate tab in the server menu. Something to highlight random gamemodes.

Sometimes I use legacy browser to add favorites or to join full servers, but it’s really unorganized not to mention barely any of the filters work at all what-so-ever. It even shows TF2 and DoD:S servers lol. I’ll admit that the new browser needs a few updates and fixes, including being able to add/remove favorites and joining full servers with the same legacy feature.

I fucking hate the legacy browser, simply because it won’t update properly. Every time I refresh my history, everything’s in IP addresses.

You could try to build up a small community on games in progress, and organize playdates when everyone tries to hop on, to get your server up higher.

Regardless, how can a single-server Unique RP gamemode compete with the thousands of DarkRP players?

Well, we can start off by not making more RPs for one. Seriously, is that really how creative the gmod community is?