Problem with night vision.

I noticed recenly that Rust is unplayable for me at nights. Whole terrain is black for me if I don’t use light source. This is not a case for other players, thus I am on disadvantage at nights.
Album to show what I mean:
Because of it I died many times - when someone chases me all i can do is run because torch is useless weapon and without it turned on I can’t see shit.
Also because all is one color gamma adjusting does nothing(I know gamma adjusting is unfair).
Do you know what can i do to fix this or maybe if this is intended and whether it will be same for everyone?

move to the North and live in the Snow Biome

I’d be curious if they planned on having the torch in the left hand and allowing 1 handed tool’s be used in the main hand.

looks about the same as mine. i just cut wood or mine ore during the night. that way i only have to light my torch for seconds at a time to make sure i am hitting the tree or rock.

The reason i said to live in the snow is that the nearly entire area is white so at night time you can see fairly well at night time. Its the safest place to live.

That’s some nice advices, I thought about it too. The point is it is a bit unfair because I know there are players who can see at night without torch so how is this explainable? And why we can’t see and they can… Maybe it’s related to graphic card?

Night bores the hell out of me while I wait in a bush for daylight.
I could build a shelter and have it raided at an alternative. Any light, fire, torch is suicide.

i’ve heard of people turning up gamma on their monitors. but for me that ruins the beautiful colors in the game.

I am playing on laptop so it’s not possible. Anyways i think that would make any difference since all black pixels are exactly one color so there is nothing to distinguish.

I don’t know who is lying to you but I can’t see shit at night.

intentional game factor, meant to be like that for everyone, and looks about the same for me.

there are ways to combat it without resorting to crap like gamma tweaking; like grym suggested, living in the snow areas, or flicking your torch on for 1 second bursts to guide your wandering in the dark. another thing is using the little light at the horizon to see silhouettes on a plain to direct you to rock nodes/trees. but wandering in the dark is dangerous, because you can get lost, or be raped by animals.

personally i spend the nights crafting, and start harvesting at day break.

It’s also possible that lighthacks have been made for Rust; after all, they existed on legacy. However, between VAC and EAC, I’m sure they’ll get caught soon enough, if that’s what’s happening.

I’ll ask my friend for some screenshots to check if it is the same for him too. Last time I asked him he said that he can see very little but still he could see me somehow or things on the ground in the dark.

This is my screenshot from my friend. It is edited by me to prove that not all pixels are same color like it is on my computer. That also means he is able to see at least basic shapes which is still hard for him but manageable.

I think this should be addressed by Facepunch Devs to make this consistent along all players.

looks like a different level of gamma on your friends monitor. not saying it’s intentional, but there will always be discrepancies between monitors that don’t have anything to do with the game itself.

It is consistent across all clients. Like Grymthor said, in the arctic biome as the ground is mainly white you can see it at night albeit faintly. This is true to a lesser extent with sand like in your picture above.

There was a glitch that allowed you to see torch light in 3rd person when you did not have your torch out, and no one else could see it either - I only encountered it once by accident so I can’t say how it is achieved but if people are ‘seeing’ you at night when you can’t see them I’d suggest this is probably the reason. It is a known bug and will be fixed in the future.

light hacks? back in legacy all you needed was a flare. they were bugged so that only the person with the flare could see its light radius. not to mention they were infinite as long as you put a item into the open slot on your hot key bar.

Everyone sees the same thing. There are 2 ways to increase what you see at night.

  1. Video card gamma settings (if you don’t feel wrong doing it, then it’s the best way to improve night visuals)

  2. Good quality monitor with a high contrast ratio

It seems like your laptop probably doesn’t have a great screen connected to it, unless you invest a lot of money in a laptop, the screens are usually an afterthought.

Correct me if I’m wrong but if I make screenshot and all black pixels are RGB(1,1,1) (of 255) and my friend’s pixels are RGB(1,2,4) and RGB(1,3,7), then isn’t it result of graphic card?? I think monitor has nothing to do with it and graphic card is the guilty.

For me, the torch bug is still useable. It works like this:

In FIRST person, take your torch out. Light it up!
Switch to third person and switch back again to first person.
Now put the torch out with right mouse button. It should now be dark again in first person.
Switch back to third person. Your character is holding the torch at his side as if it is not lit, also you can’t hear the fire cracking sound, but there is normal light coming out of the torch and illuminating your surroundings!

It seems only you can see this, and ONLY in third person mode, AND only while your torch is selected in your hotbar.
If you select another item, even in 3rd person, the light will dissappear, but the bugged light returns instantly when you select the torch again.

This is how it should look:

Normal lit torch in 3rd person:

After succesfull glitching:

the graphics card is partly responsible. it tells the monitor what to display, which is further distorted by the monitors possible colour ranges and current settings.